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Costa Cruises:
Cruises with Italian Spirit

Client: Costa Cruises
Project Timeline: 19 March - 10 August, 2018
Task: Fostering loyalty of tour agents partnered with Costa Cruises. Announcing new company`s products for 2018 and services customized for Russian speaking tourists. Breaking down stereotypes about specificity and complexity of cruise tourist product sales.
10 802 page views
1 197 unique
90 bookings
Solution: Developing the project landing page with the separate sections about the liners with customized services, excursions summary and price policy, departure calendar and new tourist products overview.
The following unique supportive materials were provided to tour agents: “Checklist of 20 points to discuss with a tourist when planning a cruise trip”, “Schematic Maps of Costa liners”. Learning sessions and testing with the opportunity to get a personal diploma were held within the project. The project was integrated into the Profi.Travel Loyalty program. Bookings of Costa Cruises made by partner tour operators were recorded in the system.

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