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Online Academy
Flanders - Brussels.
The avantgarde heart of Europe

Client: Tourist Office for Flanders
Period: 14 June - 13 July, 2018
Task: Increasing awareness on the little-known part of Belgium - Flanders, attracting B2B audience and providing sales training sessions for tourism professionals. Overview of the regional features and advantages for tourists in the cultural, gastronomic, entertainment aspects. Announcing the impressive cultural program and special offers of 11 tour operators.
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Solution: Developing the project landing page about the main cities of Flanders including Brussels, with detailed information about landmarks, gastronomic places of interest, hotel selection and advices for tour agents. The separate part was devoted to the art project “The Flemish Masters” launched in 2018 for three years ahead and other significant cultural events. Three training webinars and 11 special offers of tour operators were integrated into the online academy.

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