Profi.Travel is acknowledged as the most popular portal for professionals

According to the poll held in the biggest branch community RADIO TRAVEL in Facebook with audience of about 7 thousand tourism professionals, Profi.Travel was acknowledged as the portal with the highest number of visitors — heads of tourism companies, representatives of regional and federal state tourism agencies as well as other branch specialists.

The poll published on the community page on the 11th of May gathered 570 branch representatives. According to the results, Profi.Travel got 24,7% voices. Second place went to tourism communities in Facebook: 20% of the respondents learn news of the market from them. The third place was taken by the Tourdom tourism portal.

Everyday Profi.Travel publishes the most up-to-date news from the tourism world, branch novelties, information for travel agents as well as analytic editorials on most popular topics. The audience of the portal today consists of 129 950 tourism professionals.

CEO of the Profi.Travel media holding Alexey Vengin:

“Recently we visited the RADIO.TRAVEL Facebook community and were surprised and joyful to know that we took the first place in the poll created one day before by one of the group members. That our work is recognized by our colleagues is the best award for the whole Profi.Travel team! I thank all the voters for the high appreciation of our activities!”