Profi.Travel Programmatic — new opportunities for promoting tourism services in the B2C market

As part of strategic partnership with the Amadeus company, the Profi.Travel media holding is launching a new unique product aimed at promoting tourist brands and destinations. Profi.Travel has chosen a partner for b2c promotion, opting for the innovational decision of Amadeus Travel Audience from the leading provider of IT technologies for the travel industry.

The system is unrivaled in Russia and allows to automatically buy advertisements using users’ travel data with the most accurate targeting of ads. This product will fit everybody in need of significant traffic, huge audience and mass advertisement campaigns to promote regions and tourist destinations.

Alexey Vengin, CEO of Profi.Travel:

“Now, on top of covering b2b market in Russia and the CIS countries, we are starting to introduce efficient promotion of tourism products exclusively for our final customers — tourists. For us this new product is a reasonable step in the direction of expanding our range of services. By means of using big data of Amadeus Travel Audience and our own expert analysis of our clients’ tourism products, we help our partners to promote their services for their target audience. We are not simply displaying Internet advertisements to potential tourists, but provide our clients with the full cycle of creating, developing and holding advertising campaign that includes analysis of their destination, analysis of competing destinations, right choice of target audience, choice of platforms, launching activities and landings — we provide analytics resulting in large coverage and big traffic as well”.

According to the statistics, 87% of users before purchasing a tourism product are searching information about it in the Internet. In the process, each one of these users visits about 15 of websites. That means, efficient communication with your audience deciding on buying a tour or air tickets requires placing lots of ads on a huge amount of platforms and websites.

Before advertisers had to directly arrange placing their ads to dozens of advertising systems. Every system had its own interface, settings, rules, service conditions etc. The price of an ad was determined by owners of these systems and platforms. Moreover, advertisers could only buy a place for their ad or banner but not displays of their ads to target audience. So, it was quite difficult to understand which advertising platforms and at which time have the right target audience. That has only made the process of purchasing advertisements more complicated. There was a need for a decision that could make this process easier, using one access point for all the different online marketplaces and platforms. That’s the time when such technologies as Programmatic and RTB came to the fore in the world of Internet advertisements.

Now these technologies are used by almost all the largest advertisement networks: Google, Yandex, Mail and others. The Programmatic technology is used for boosting efficiency of covering target audience and is based on the knowledge about users’ preferences. The ad is shown to particular users from target audience whose individual details (gender, age, region, favorite websites, interests, hobbies, activity in social networks, last purchases etc) are described in the requirements of our client.

If your target audience has already been chosen by other promotional instruments (ads in search engines, contextual advertising, banner or other media ads, performance, re-targeting and email marketing), the Programmatic technology will help you to expand your coverage to extra audience.


What are the advantages of the Profi.Travel Programmatic system that was developed on the basis of the modern technologies of Amadeus Travel Audience?

Amadeus has its own system of collecting big data about activities of travelers all around the world that helps us to get a deep understanding of the potential clients’ profiles including most often visited pages in Internet, age, interesting destinations, income level etc. Proceeding from these data, user is exposed to a high quality advertisement that complies with his tourist behavioral pattern, his habit of going to particular destinations in particular seasons as well as his interests in the field of tourism and travels. All of this makes it possible to promote tourism product to target audience that perfectly fits the aims of the company.

Advertising campaigns held with the help of Programmatic system Profi.Travel are enriched with expert analysis of tourism product necessary for developing wise advertising strategy and accurate targeting helpful when designing a campaign. It includes analysis of destinations from the point of view of Russian tourist business, seasonality, demand, uniqueness and particular features of tourism product, competing destinations as well as segmentation of the audience in term s of income, preferences, types of vacation etc. Proceeding from this data, Profi.Travel can offer its partners efficient digital strategies of promoting tourism product — as well as design an advertising campaign by developing creative mechanics and landings, analyzing already existing websites in need of more traffic and create visual images and slogans for display advertising. Such a campaign will result in significant coverage of target audience and its active collaboration with the brand gaining knowledge about tourist destination.

Leonid Marmaer, CEO of Amadeus in Russia:
“The Travel Audience system of automatized purchase of ads based on so called big data is the forefront of advertising technologies with the most accurate targeting of advertisement messages. The Amadeus company is enriching this technology with its own system of collecting data of travelers’ activities all around the world. It will result in client getting qualified displays and significant boost in conversion. Online promotion of tourist product enables travel companies to search for clients efficiently and raise their income while tourists are able to choose the best offers in the market. We see Profi.Travel as a reliable partner widely famous in the market of Russia and the CIS with perfect reputation, high-quality service and high level of expertise”.

You can order an advertising campaign in b2c by contacting Profi.Travel Sales Department.


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