The OTM 2018: Indian Ocean and Africa online fair is open

The “OTM 2018: Indian Ocean and Africa” online fair has been launched on the platform for the third time already — this year it will be open until the 23th of July

The business schedule of the fair features online presentations on 18 vacation destinations in the countries of Indian ocean and Africa.

Exhibitors of the fair are 27 companies working in the markets of Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Africa, the Maldives, Mauritius and the Seychelles and other countries of this exotic region:

  • 5 DMCs,
  • 15 resorts and hotel chains,
  • 2 air companies
  • as well as 5 tour operators including the biggest players in the outbound tourism market — ANEX Tour and ART-TOUR companies.

Apart from traditional Maldives and Seychelles, this year the OTM 2018: Indian Ocean and Africa online fair will be particularly dedicated to vacation opportunities in Mauritius — the destination gaining more and more popularity among Russian tourists. The country will be presented for different categories of travelers: from budget to luxury options. Online presentations on this destination will be given by ANEX Tour, ART-TOUR and Quinta Tour, 4 hotel chains will give a full scope of accommodation options, and the Alitalia air company will present its newly launched flyer program to the island.

For the first time in the whole history of the fair, representatives of the National Tourism Offices of the Maldives and the Seychelles will give speeches online. The special editorial broadcast will make guests the first ones to know what kind of novelties the Maldives and the Seychelles have to offer and how they plan to surprise travelers in the upcoming season. Also, all the listeners to the broadcast will have an opportunity to communicate directly with representatives of tourism offices of the Republics.

One more new feature of the fair — exclusive editorial broadcast with the ANEX Tour operator presenting its novelty, charter flights to Zanzibar, as well as introducing guests to new vacation offers on the island of the Indian ocean.

The program of the OTM 2018: Indian ocean and Africa online fair consists of 30 online presentations, featuring opportunities of SPA and safari, underwater fishing, exotic tours, summer vacations, hotels for romantics and many more.

1000 tourism professionals have already registered for the fair. It is expected that no less than 1,5 thousand heads of tourism companies and tourism specialists will attend the fair.

Last year 20 companies, among them 9 tour operators and 11 hoteliers and hotel chains, took part in the Indian ocean & Africa online fair. 24 online presentations were held, about 1500 tourism professionals attended the fair. On average, the fair resulted in every exhibitor getting about 1000 contacts of potential clients.

Алексей ВенгинAlexey Vengin, CEO of Profi.Travel:

"The OTM 2018: Indian Ocean and Africa online fair is held for the third time already, giving participants an opportunity to explore the best tourism products. Countries of Indian ocean and Africa are traditionally connected in the minds of tourists with expensive luxury vacations. Travel agents should know this product well and be able to sell it. On the other hand, we can see the trend that these destinations are gaining interest also among middle class audience thus giving birth to more budget travel options: for example, charter flights to Zanzibar from ANEX Tour and expansion of the flyer program to Sri Lanka from the regions of Russia. So this year, while maintaining high quality of presenting luxury products, we give a wider perspective on tourism product in the countries of Indian ocean and Africa."