Effective marketing from Profi.Travel — how to see the result of your advertising campaign reflected in your bookings?

In early 2017 the Profi.Travel company has launched a marketing tool unique for tourism market — the experimental system that enables exhibitors of online fairs and participants of special projects of Profi.Travel to see the results of their marketing activities in the amount of bookings of tourism product. By the end of last year the amount of bookings of tourism product of the first partners of the system has reached 5 thousand.

Today more than 100 partners among travel companies are already working with the Profi.Travel Loyalty system. This article will explain which novelties we have in stock for the participants of the program this year.

In the course of the few first months of Profi.Travel Loyalty test drive its partner companies have got 500 bookings, and by the end of the year the figure surpassed 5000. From the moment of launching the system more than 100 companies (tour operators, hotels and hotel chains, air carriers, cruise operators, entertainment parks) have become its partners. In 2017, participants have been rewarded by 2 544 000 points for their activity in online fairs and special projects and by 555 000 points for bookings of tourism products.

The program has proven to be an efficient tool for advertisers: apart from watching presentations and participating in webinars, its participants got real bookings of tourism product from tourism specialists all around Russia and the CIS. Nowadays there are even such partners of the program who officially use Profi.Travel Loyalty as their own loyalty system and conduct their offline events based on the results of booking and rating in special projects.

Last year has resulted in the evident fact that the loyalty system responds to market demand and enjoys popularity among all of its participants. Agencies are actively involved in competing for leadership and top ratings while tour operators, hotels, air companies, destinations and regions have managed to “digitalize” their marketing activity and see its efficiency as for long period results.

It was clearly shown that Profi.Travel Loyalty is a useful innovational tool for promotion in the tourism market. That’s why in summer 2018 we decided to develop the system even more, renew Profi.Travel Loyalty both from technical side and user-friendliness, refresh visual design, develop new rules and grant extra bonuses. Loyalty-2018 has lots of new technical features, new partners, more ratings, more activities and prizes etc. As for today, several thousands of professionals from travel agencies of Russia and the CIS are already competing for final leadership and top places in the rating list. Profi.Travel will attract even more participants to its loyalty system, create comfortable environment for them and encourage their will to win.

Novelties of Loyalty 2018 include:

  • technical changes: new design and structure of the program’s website, system bookings input, partners’ pages, news block, classification of categories, easy way for participants to quickly spot their place in the rating list;
  • promotional campaign and marketing support of the Loyalty’s partners;
  • transparency for partners: now to join the system all the travel agents need to pass an interview with Profi.Travel specialists;
  • 6 extra ratings launched for participants of our program;
  • for the first time we have introduced a separate Loyalty rating “Get to know us!” — specifically for those booking tours to Russian regions.

In 2018 the Catalan Tourist Board and the ANEX TOUR operator became general partners of the program providing the main prize for the participants of Loyalty. Last year the partner was Abu Dhabi. This year the prize for the most active ten participants, leaders in bookings and exploration of tourist product in exhibitions and special projects will be a promotional tour of Profi.Travel Loyalty to Catalonia in February 2018.

In nearest future Loyalty will get even more new features: in particular, new profile will be designed that will make work with the loyalty system even smoother.

Alexey Vengin, CEO of Profi.Travel:

​«In the first half of 2018 the amount of agents participating in the loyalty program has grown twice thus encouraging us to change the system. Renewed Loyalty program includes even more opportunities for efficient work and sales of tourism products. In April a separate rating for home product of Russia appeared — ‘Get to know Us!’ Loyalty. General Loyalty program has been affiliated with online academies held on the Profi.Travel platform: now educational projects about Czech Republic, Macao, Bahrein, Moscow as well as Costa cruises and Royal Marocco air company are participating in the project. We have implemented stricter rules for choosing agents for the program thus guaranteeing our partners clear audience and no false ratings. We have fully renewed the website of the project as well as the booking interface. Now working with Loyalty is more convenient than ever, and soon new profiles for agents and partners will be implemented as well. And what is even more important — the main prize and general partners of Profi.Travel Loyalty — 2018 have been decided upon: in February of the upcoming year the best agents will go to Catalonia, as agreed with the Catalan Tourist Board and Anex Tour».