Profi.Travel launches a new promotional channel with access to the audience of active travelers

This autumn Profi.Travel media holding has expanded the range of B2C marketing tools for clients. In addition to the already available high-technology Profi.Travel Programmatic, media advertising on one of the most popular tourism websites became available as well.

As the exclusive sales house, Profi.Travel now offers ad placement on – one of the top 5 tourism projects on the Russian Internet with monthly audience of more than 4 million travelers.

The website visitors are users who are planning a trip, choosing a direction or a travel product, creating an excursion route, offering advice or sharing their travel experience.

Thus, advertising on website reaches travelers in almost all the stages of the journey: from inspiration to returning home from the trip.

The unique features of are the community of 200 000 active travelers and the encyclopedia, that has been collected for over 10 years of the website history, with the detailed description of tourism opportunities of about 90 countries and more than 400 cities. 

Альтернативный текстAlexey Vengin, CEO of Profi.Travel:

«We have been looking for the very best travel website on the Russian Internet for a long time. Some of them did not suit us in terms of design or the audience profile, others were overloaded with advertising. In everything came together – cool editorial team, modern design, the number of visitors and the quality of the audience.

Now the project will definitely take its deserved place in the range of our products, supplementing Profi.Travel Programmatic from Amadeus, which we have announced earlier this year.

Starting from today, is exclusively available only in the Sales Office of Profi.Travel. To begin with, we will offer display banner ads, but in the future we are going to launch other advertising formats as well in cooperation with the website editorial team».


Learn more about advertising options on in the Sales Office of Profi.Travel.

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