Plunge into the fairy tale of Warsaw: Russian travelers are interested in the Christmas tourism product of Poland

The Polish Tourism Organisation has been testing innovative marketing solutions to promote the destination to the audience of Russian travelers.

In early November, at the very height of sales of Christmas tours, the Polish Tourism Organisation partnered with Profi.Travel media holding and Amadeus company to launch an advertising campaign with the usage of the programmatic technology.

The advertising campaign is aimed at introducing Poland as a travel destination to the audience of tourists from Russia, heightening interest in the country and, as a result, increasing the number of visitors during Christmas and New Year holidays. To achieve these goals the Profi.Travel team have analyzed the tourism product “New Year and Christmas in Poland” and defined several target audience segments. Based on this analysis, the advertising strategy, visual images and creatives were developed. The advertising materials were targeted to the potential guests of several cities and regions of the country.

Игорь ЧукановIgor Chukanov, the representative of the Polish Tourism Organisation in Russia

Our advertising campaign is focused on promotion of the tourism product “New Year and Christmas in Poland” and attraction the targeted traffic to the website of the Polish Tourism Organisation

We have chosen the programmatic solution for the first time, since we believe that it is a very promising and important tool to promote the destination to the audience of travelers from Russia. We are looking forward to the campaign results to evaluate the technology and make certain of its effectiveness.

The advertising campaign will last until the end of November, and the total number of the banner impressions will reach 1 000 000. It is not so significant volume of ad impressions for the programmatic technology itself, but it is more than enough in the case of the precisely targeted tool like Profi.Travel Programmatic. The high amount of accumulated travel data guarantees reaching the target audience on almost any website including travel resources. It is important that the banners are shown to the tourists, who have a clear travel intent and at the moment, when they are choosing a travel destination.

In accordance with the marketing strategy of the Polish Tourism Organisation, the images of four Polish cities were used in the advertising materials: Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw and Gdansk. Each of these cities is special and has an unique atmosphere. Thus, Krakow is a city that was previously the capital of Poland and the place of crowning of Polish rulers.

The advertising materials were developed taking into account the specifics of the programmatic technology, but they correspond to the brand guidelines and the advertising concept of the Polish Tourism Organisation at the same time. When users click on the banner, they are directed to the website with the detailed information about the features of the destination in wintertime.

Олеся ОлейниковаOlesya Oleynikova, Deputy Director General, Profi.Travel media holding

After analyzing the tourism product and the objectives of the client, we formed the profiles of potential visitors of the destination — young couples, families with children, couples aged 50+ without children. We came to the conclusion, that we should influence on active travelers who consider travelling to the cities of Central and Eastern Europe during the New Year holidays and are interested in culture and architecture.

We believe that the programmatic technology, based on travel big data, is an absolutely new level of digital advertising efficiency and active interaction with the audience of tourists. Purchase of traffic and advertising placements is optimized — the system itself chooses placements to provide the right message to the right audience at the best price. As a result, we get high quality traffic at the lowest cost on the Russian Internet. Perhaps, no other technology provides such an accurate and superior targeting in the B2C segment on the tourism market today.

Илья БогачевIlya Bogachev, the Head of Sales, Travel Audience, Amadeus in Russia and Central, Eastern and Northern Europe

Our task was to identify the users, for whom a trip to Poland at the time of European Christmas and New Year is relevant. It became possible thanks to the large amount of data about travelers, which is available in the Amadeus Travel Audience. The machine intelligence optimizes the strategy of ad showing, specifies the profile of the target audience on a real time basis and, as a result, maximizes the conversion rate and the campaign efficiency. Despite the fact that the campaign was launched just recently, we can say that CTR for the first 10 days already exceeds the average performance in the travel segment by more than three times.


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