Online Travel Mart: Summer 2017 has been festively started and is charging up for sales!

On the 13th of February the Profi.Travel portal has become a platform to start the main online outbound tourism fair for the tourism market of Russia and the CIS.

OTM-2017 has already been visited by more than 2500 staff members of travel companies! Online Travel Mart is the biggest online fair that has ever been held on the Russian market. The OTM exhibitors of this year include 47 companies, among them NTOs of Greece, Sweden, Great Britain, Austria, biggest mass-oriented Russian and niche operators, DMC companies of Turkey, the UAE, Asian countries, hotels and hotel chains, air companies and other market players.

50 applications after the first day of the fair

The 13 of February has been the day when OTM-2017 has festively started. The floor before tourism professionals was taken by head of Profi.Travel Alexey Vengin, general manager of Mouzenidis Travel tour operator Alexander Tsandekidi, head of marketing department Sergey Gushchin and business trainer Andrey Bubukin. They have shown confidence that coming season will be truly successful for the market and charged tourist staff up for active sales.


Alexander Tsandekidi, General manager of the tour operator Mouzenidis Travel:

It is the first time that such a fair is being held, and the time has been chosen perfectly right. Already now sales of early bookings are coming into active phase. I am sure we should be anticipating a hyperactive season. Demand is here, we just need to keep up with events and show us as qualified professionals able to offer a tourist all that he could desire to get on his or her vacation. Be active!

After the festive opening the main program of the fair has started. Staff members of tourism companies have heard online presentation of a mass-oriented tour operator ANEX Tour, one of the most ambitious players of the Russian market. As many as 4 company experts have taken the floor in the course of the presentation! They have presented programs on Greece as well as Cyprus, Spain and Tunis.

Sergey Gushchin, Head of marketing department of Anex Tour:

After my speech, in the course of 24 hours, we have got about 50 application forms for infotours. That clearly shows that participants of the OTM fair have been really charged up with positive thinking and believe that a good season lies in front of us. Besides that, I’ve got good feedback from our regional agencies that have really liked the fair

The first day has been finished with the speech of a representative of the Rus Tour operator: tourism staff got recommendations to be more active in selling tours to Hainan island where tourists will be met by the residents of a popular show Comedy Club.

Everybody loves Mouzenidis Travel and Turkey

The 14th of February at OTM fair has been held under the sign of the tour operator Mouzenidis Travel. Mouzenidis Travel is making dates! – wrote social networks. The booths of the exhibitor were decorated with affectionate hearts. 4 presentations of the tour operator were devoted to the issues of how to increase profit of a travel agency, how to become a travel agency authorized by Mouzenidis Travel, and a flyer program to Greece and Crete was presented too.

Some Image

And on the 15 of February we were greeting all the tourism companies of Russia and the CIS for the Day of Turkey! Almost a year while Turkey was inaccessible for Russian tourists has made everybody yearn for the destination badly. Deferred demand is enormous, confirms Tangiers Travel, the DMC organizing luxury vacation on the Aegean cost, as well as Calypso Tour with huge expertise in Istanbul sightseeing tours. Also, hotels Mandarin Oriental, considered one of the best in Bodrum, and a new hotel Riolavitas SPA & Resort 5* have set up their booths on the fair. OTM 2017 will show Turkey from a little-known before side of medical tourism. Visitors will get to know an all-Turkey chain of clinics and hospitals Acibaden as well as one of the first companies on the medical tourism market in Turkey Tripaesthetic Health and Tourism İnc.

And yesterday travel companies of Russia and the CIS attended 7 (!) presentations devoted to vacations in Europe. Spain, Cyprus, Portugal…. Visitors of the fair learnt about the best offers from cruise tour operators CruClub, Quinta Tour and Staryi Gorod (The Old City). Arcompany AlItalia gave a talk about convenient connections and tickets at favorable prices to Catania and Palermo, Voyages-sncf spoke of wonderfulcombos on traveling in Europe by train. Blau Hotels & Resorts presented hotels at Mallorca, while Barceló Hotels talked about specific features of each of their hotels.

Watch a roundtable discussion
“How to lure Russian tourists?”

Many more interesting events are awaiting us, and most important is not to miss a roundtable discussion “How to lure Russian tourists? Technologies of destination promotion on the Russian-speaking market” that will be held on the 20th of February. Invited participants include representatives of NTOs of countries leading in terms of incoming tourist flow and tour operators; they will discuss their plans for 2017 and share keys of promotion and distribution of a destination and travel product on the Russian market. The roundtable discussion will be supported by Association of national tourist offices in Russia (ANTOR).


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