Profi.Travel has signed the partnership agreement with the biggest public union of Russian travel agencies


On the 10th of April at the II Russian National Congress of travel agencies held in Sochi the Union of Travel Agencies and Profi.Travel, the portal for tourism professionals, have signed a partnership agreement.

The Union of Travel Agencies was created 3 years ago, now comprising more than 3000 tourism businesses, that is almost every 5th travel agency in Russia.

The tendency towards collaboration comes to the fore especially nowadays: in response to rapidly changing market conditions its participants are aspiring to dialogue, joint discussions and solving common problems — professional associations are becoming more and more authoritative.

Against this background, Profi.Travel as a prominent industry publishing platform obviously needs to be in close contact with the tourism union and, in particular, effective cooperation with professional associations that represent opinion of a multitude of market players.

Альтернативный текстAlexey Vengin, CEO Profi.Travel:

Just two years ago nobody has heard about public associations at the retail market. Today, thanks to the UTA, tourism companies have got an opportunity to report their problems aloud and solve lots of them. The partnership of Profi.Travel and a serious public association at the Russian retail market will be undoubtedly advantageous for everybody and, first and foremost, for our readers — thousands of Russian travel agencies.

Альтернативный текстSergey Golov, President of the UTA:

It is crucial for every organization to have an informative partnership with a prominent media platform, and especially important and necessary such collaboration is for public associations which are engaged in accumulation of opinions of professional association members, reporting those opinions and initiatives to the wide range of professionals, public authorities and government structures. We, as the UTA, are the voicer for travel agents. And collaboration with Profi.Travel, one of the most prominent and respected professional publishing platforms, will give us the opportunity to report the problems, wishes and attitudes of travel agents even louder, as well as stand up for their rights. We are very happy to have an opportunity of close collaboration with Profi. Travel and hope that our work will become more noticeable and effective.