Turkey Online Workshop-2017: less than a week left to become an exhibitor!

Hurry up and secure your place in the schedule of the first workshop on Turkey vacations that will be held online at turkey.profi.travel from the 22th till the 28th of May.

Applications for participation in Turkey Online Workshop-2017 are accepted till the 8th of May!

Turkey Online Workshop is your unique opportunity to present your travel product from top to bottom in front of the Russian market, tell potential clients about actual offers and season novelties and finally boost your sales!

Our online workshop is eagerly waiting for:

 hotel and hotel chains,
 tour operators,
 air carriers,
● medical clinics.

Participation in Turkey Online Workshop has already been announced by hotels of Bodrum, Istanbul, Cappadocia, Fethiye, Tekirova, Belek. Hurry up and join the colleagues!

How the online workshop will be conducted?

● In the course of one week at the event page turkey.profi.travel more than 2 000 tour representatives of Russia and the CIS will take training and get the most actual information on Turkish hotels, resorts, tour itineraries, spa services and offers of medical centers. Visitors of the workshop will have a look at presentations of the exhibitors, pass an education test and get a diploma of a specialist on Turkey.

● Exhibitors will hold presentations online, from any possible place in the world, in front of tourism professionals eager to learn something new that would help them boost the sales. Online participation spares the exhibitor both money and time: all the information is accessible right at the working place, no flights, no hotels, no boxes with catalogues!

● Online presentation of an exhibitor lasts from 1 till 3 hours.Such an extended contact with the audience allows a participant to present his or her travel product from top to bottom as well as answer visitors’ questions.

● The workshop provides wide geographical coverage of professional audience from all the regions of Russia and the CIS. The exhibitors receive all the contacts of the listeners to their online presentations.

Why should you participate in Turkey Online Workshop?

● This year Russian travel companies are particularly hungry for the information on Turkey. Having missed the previous season, travel agencies are striving to restore their knowledge on the Turkish travel product as well as on the changes that the market has undergone.

● Market and tourists both need to be assured that Turkey remains a hospitable country loyal to Russian tourists. Only a representative of this destination can rightly assure the public that Turkish resorts beloved by many are still a perfect and safe vacation option.

● Tourist flow to Turkey 2017 is actively restoring after the recession. Data of early bookings and sales for May holidays show that Turkey will secure its leading position among foreign destinations for Russian people in no time.

● Summer vacation sales in Turkey are actively moving, and professionals are in need of comprehensive information on the season novelties.

So, Turkey Online Workshop will certainly be an all-inclusive informational platform capable of solving all these tasks — come and join!