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The upcoming season will see the Profi.Travel tourism portal offering its clients promotional channels aimed at two target audiences at once: tourism companies (B2B–market) and final customers of tourism services (B2C).

In collaboration with a popular entertainment blog BigPicture, we have designed informational packages whose features include publishing of news and articles on two portals simultaneously. Such a concept that combines audiences of two portals will give an advertiser the guaranteed coverage of 100 thousand of tourists and 15 thousands of tourism professionals per day. This type of combined placement gives you a unique opportunity to present your offer both for tourism professionals and mass tourist with the highest possible quality. Saving lots of money on the cost of placement, by the way!

ExpoAlexey Vengin, CEO of Profi.Travel:

We are so much excited to have found a partner fully sharing spirit, themes and presentation style with Profi.Travel. BigPicture is a highly professional resource with sophisticated audience. We’re seeing lots of potential in this collaboration and, of course, benefits for our clients. Lately we have been receiving lots of client requests about B2C promotion. Finally, we can offer a decent solution!

BigPicture is one of the leading informative and entertaining portals that gives its readers a review of the brightest and most exceptional events and happenings in Russia and all around the world every day. The key feature of this platform is its massive audience (up to 3 000 000 visitors a month) consisting largely of sophisticated young people that are 25-35 years old, the opportunity for an advertiser to cover visitors with diversified interests, bright and grasping content with colorful special projects and longreads.

Package placement on the Profi.Travel + BigPicture portals fits your company if:
- You want to save money and resources solving tasks on B2B and B2C promotion.
- You want to make a presentation of:

new destinations and tourism styles,
tourism product of destinations and regions,
flyer programs and seasonal novelties for your tourists,
accommodation programs from resorts, hotels and hotel chains,
concerts, festivals and other mass events.

What is included into packages?

In addition to elaborate work with your material, creating high-quality photo content and simultaneous publishing on two resources, the packages’ cost includes promotion in social media and sending e-newsletters announcing your publication to all the subscribers of both the resources.

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