Profi.Travel renewed its educational platform

Since August 21st, Profi.Travel switched over to a new hi-tech educational webinar platform. It is easier now both for market experts and audience of travel agents to attend the webinars about tourism.

New possibilities for speakers of Profi.Travel webinars:

  • Ease of platform use: simple to attend the broadcast and manage the presentation
  • Webinar interface is available in 10 languages, from English to Chinese + translation of chat message to a needed language with a click of a button 
  • New interface: very informative, simple and clear 
  • New webinar poll unit: you can add polls with single or multiple correct answers, scoring it and viewing results in real-time mode 
  • From 1 to 5 speakers on a webinar at a time: to present the company products to the travel agents from top to bottom 
  • Lots of useful reports: countries statistics, number of attendees, devices and poll / testing results
  • Partial user lockout: a speaker or moderator can block the user from messaging in the chat, instead of kicking him out of the webinar for a ‘sidebar’ conversation. And everybody will watch the webinar to the end 
  • Exporting a webinar chat history as a file: to find the unanswered questions of travel agents after the presentation 

Альтернативный текстAlexey Vengin, CEO Profi.Travel:

7 years ago we were the first who brought the webinar technologies to the tourism market. Until 2010, there was no online education and the travel companies visited the traditional offline seminars. We started with 36 webinars in 2010, and held 280 in 2016.
Finding out the audience interest to the webinars and effectiveness to our clients, we launched the unique format of online fairs and academies, where we schedule over 200 online presentations every year.


New possibilities for attendees of Profi.Travel webinars:

  • Interface: new and stylish webinar design 
  • Viewing a presentation or chat window in full screen
  • Easy communication with colleagues speaking another language: instant translation of chat messages to 10 most spoken languages of the world 
  • The online fair webinars are now available from all mobile devices 
  • Webinar catalogue is now stored in Youtube

Profi.Travel Sales Department:

+7 (499) 705-08-25

WhatsApp / Telegram: +7 (916) 833-71-51