ОТМ fairs by Profi Travel proved high effectiveness in the passing year

It is time to sum up the results of the passing year and plan the participation at Оnline Тravel Мart 2018. In 2017, over 6000 travel professionals from Russia and CIS countries have attended two major seasonal fairs dedicated to foreign tourism product and over 80 companies and destinations became the exponents.

Year 2017 revealed the unique format of OTM fairs which gives opportunities to attendees and exponents to fully prepare for the upcoming travel season. Convenience and simplicity of participating in an online fair make it one of the most effective and high-demand tools to promote and increase sales of a tourism product. National tourist offices, tour operators, air carriers and other representatives of the tourism market publish information about companies and products at their personal booths, share fresh catalogues and special offers for the season, hold online presentations, introduce their novelties and answer user questions. One of the results of participation in OTM is a database of interested and loyal travel companies for exponents’ further work.

Online Travel Mart is vastly superior to traditional offline events of the branch in effectiveness measures 

Primarily, attendance and engagement of qualitative professional audience have become notably higher: 3500 attendants registered at ОТМ:Summer 17 and about 3000 people took part in the winter fair.

Online fair exponents don’t have to spend their time and money in business trips and stop their current work — only presentation, PC and stable Internet access are needed to present the tourism product.

Besides that, all fair materials are available to download and review after the event during the whole travel season, which is also a considerable format’s advantage.

ExpoAlexey Vengin, CEO of Profi.Travel:

We have been developing the online fair format since 2014, adding new tools to engage with the audience every year. But only during the launch of OTM fairs in 2017 we revealed a truly powerful and effective tool which might become a replacement of traditional offline events for the most of exponents. Evaluating our negotiations and new contracts with potential fair participants, I must mention that Оnline Travel Mart 18 stirs client’s great interest, from national tourist offices and major tour operators to small DMCs from the most of exotic countries.

In 2017, the new educational platform, website mobile version, interactive board on the main page and a variety of technical novelties were launched at Online Travel Mart: Winter 17 to make the fair even more user-friendly. Perhaps one of the central novelties was the possibility to join the online presentation broadcastings from any mobile devices. An integration with social networks has not only simplified the registration process for the fair but also allowed users to join the key-note broadcastings in Facebook, VK.com and Youtube.

ExpoVictoria Kolikova, Director of sales in Russia and CIS at Minor Hotel Group:

We work with Profi.Travel for over 3 years and are delighted by a result. We appreciate the Profi.travel’s unprecedented coverage of the market. And even though we have our own webinar platform, we continue to participate at Profi.travel events along with a great number of companies. Besides that, Profi.travel is continuously evolving, developing new products and technological capabilities and, as always, its events remain at the highest level.

Online Travel Mart 2018 and Digital Days!

In 2018, the two major seasonal Online Travel Mart fair are also planned. All variety of summer destinations will be presented at OTM Summer 18 which will be traditionally held prior to the early sales and bookings of the tourism products — from 5 till 22 February.

The summer OTM will start with a unique event — Digital Days!

First two days of the online fair will be dedicated to digital marketing, high technologies and promotional mechanics of tourism product.

The roundtable discussion will be held in Moscow as a part of Digital Days to gather together the leading national tourist offices, major tour operators and digital-marketing experts.

All novelties, trends, effective strategies and breakthrough technologies in marketing and tourism product promotion presented by the top experts at Digital Days!

ОТМ: Winter 18/19 will be held at Profi.Travel platform in September to introduce the novelties of winter tourism product and new destinations to the wide audience.

The fair is planned on 3 16 September at otm.profi.travel.

We invite exponents to participate
at OTM 2018!



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